League of One-Shots

A Mage Killer on Rhodor

Our intrepid group of adventurers were recently hired by the magistrate of the Island of Rhodor and the mages college within to take care of a mysterious creature that has been killing Mages at night all over the island. It has been targeting specifically mages and 20 bodies had been found to date. One of the Magistrates on the island Bernard contacted Rayet Vorax to ask the guild's assistance in this matter. Rayet sent invitations to some of his previous companions, as well as including a new member of the guild, Caspian Hozema

Once the group arrived they got right to work on the case, dropping their stuff off at The Orange Sceptre before going to meet Bernard to discuss the details of the case. They discussed the details, as well as some of the politics and disruption currently brewing in the city before going to see the bodies in the morgue. The bodies all had the same kinds of wounds and little sign of struggle. There were two large holes on either side of their necks and they seemed to have been drained of all their magical energy before they were found. 

Our adventurers investigated the town and the areas where the attacks had been happening, finding some patterns in their attacks before deciding on the location to set the trap for the creature. They had noticed that all of the victims were mages, and they were all wearing robes at the time of their demise. This led them to dress up their friend, and resident Paladin Sir Caleb Moore as a mage to bait the creature.

Their plan worked and it emerged from the shadows behind Sir Caleb Moore where it managed to grab hold of him and after a short struggle he became paralyzed. The rest of the group began to fight the creature as it climbed into the rooftops to be met with the swords, arrows, and bullets of those waiting up top. It tried to turn invisible and make it's escape but the well timed throw of the lantern of revealing by Mir and a perfect catch of said lantern by Dimitri meant that it was visible to all.

Cornered and unable to get away with it's dinner the creature turned to fight the party, striking out at the one with the lantern with it's claws. One of the attacks him as he turned around with the lantern hitting him straight in the face and nearly knocking him unconscious, but Dimitri managed to use the momentum to lessen the blow of the second claw attack and kept his wits about him.

The rest of the group converged, Arturus shooting from afar before closing in with his rapier, Caspian Hozema also threatening with his own sword. Mir and Nora were both on street level but Nora made good time up through the abandoned building to throw one of her hand axes at the creature and inspire Arturus to swipe while the creature was distracted. In the end, with a final blow by Caspian Hozema the creature was slain, and it lay shriveled up on top of the roof as the town watch arrived.

The party were hailed as heroes, though there were still concerns of other such beasts being around. The party investigated the city to find where it had been hiding, they found some abandoned nests in buildings close to the sites where the bodies were found that seemed to have been used by the creature. They did want to check the hard to get to caves on the cliff side of the city. There they were able to find the egg that the creature had hatched out of as well as well as another egg that had not hatched yet. Caleb doused the unborn thing with oil and set it ablaze as Caspian Hozema tried to pry the egg open. 

Dimitri had been looking over the cave while this was going on until he found another passageway, hidden via secret button. This led them to a small workshop where a robed figure stood by a table. Arturus took a shot at the person and moved in for the kill where it wrapped him up, causing him to be trapped and nearly unable to move. The remaining members of the party came into the workshop, largely amused by Arturus' predicament and did not try to help him out of his tangle of cloth, though the other robe which appeared was sliced up and disposed of quickly. Caleb stayed to help Arturus with his robe problem, solving it in the most effective way, smiting it as he tore the cloth with is teeth, a smite bite if you will. This allowed Arturus to go free from his cloth prison at which point he joined the party at the stone slap that blacked the other end of the hallway.

Once there the party opened up the doorway and burst out into a crowded hallway full of apprentices bustling to their classes. Their quarry was gone but left a note, pinned to the wall by Arturus' arrow. The note read:

>You have killed the creatures and stopped my current plans, but fear not, I know your faces now. The plans of the Moon court do not get disrupted this easily.

After informing the appropriate authorities the group was able to fulfill the contract completely, even receiving a bonus for the information gleaned about the Moon court. 

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