Myr Haversard



5’8’’ Myr is a short fellow, bursting with life and a certain mischevious interest in the workings of the world. He has always held that fire is the best of all the elements and held the keys to the spark of life that keep every living soul in the material plane. With dark brown hair and keen eyes of the same color he’s been known to be a good friend, just don’t get him talking about philosophy.


Myrmillan ‘Myr’ Haversard encounters the world with a ferocious curiosity. Gaining entry to the prestigious mage’s academy in Athor through his skill with fire and evocation magic, he found himself expelled not more than 2 years later after a freak accident when the Great Hall of Divination and Wisdom burnt down claiming the lives of 6 students. Blamed for the incident and furious at the Academy, Myr set out to join the Guild and learn through a more … hands on approach.

Myr Haversard

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